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The First Step In Building Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Playbook — Your Avatar

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Our live events, like the Massimo Immersion – Your 2018 Prospecting Playbook, draw a full house of dedicated commercial real estate brokers and agents from across the country — all looking for better approaches for consistently finding high-quality clients.

One attendee closed a 2-day session by stating “The last two days have provided more clarity for the direction of my career than I have had in the last 18 years!” As such, I would like to share with you the first step in building your own prospecting playbook. 

The first step in building your personal prospecting playbook is defining your Avatar. I am not referring to the blue species created by James Cameron in the 2009 movie of the same name, but instead this is a deep understanding of your ideal client.

Don’t just tell yourself your ideal client is any office owner, or tenant. Be specific. For example, maybe you are a tenant rep broker in a secondary market, and you have had success representing law firms.

If so, your new ideal client is a managing director of a law firm of at least 20,000 rentable square feet. But, to truly understand your ideal client and to craft messages that will attract them, you should also know:

  • Their Demographics
  • Their status/position
  • What websites and social media do they use?
  • What organizations are they in?
  • What do they read?
  • How do they get their news?
  • Who/what has influenced them in their life?
  • What are their pain points, struggles, and stressors?

And so much more. The more you know about your ideal client (your avatar), the better you will be prepared to build-out the rest of your prospecting playbook.

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