This past weekend we held our second live event, the Massimo Immersion – Your 2018 Prospecting Playbook in the last 6 months. As with the November event, this May event drew a full house of dedicated commercial real estate brokers and agents from across the country — all looking for better approaches for consistently finding high quality clients.

One attendee closed the 2-day session by stating “The last two days have provided more clarity for the direction of my career than I have had in the last 18 years!” As such, I would like to share with you the first step in building your own prospecting playbook. 

The first step in building your personal prospecting playbook is defining your Avatar. I am not referring to the blue species created by James Cameron in the 2009 movie of the same name, but instead this is a deep understanding of your ideal client.

Don’t just tell yourself your ideal client is any office owner, or tenant. Be specific. For example, maybe you are a tenant rep broker in a secondary market, and you have had success representing law firms.

If so, your new ideal client is a managing director of a law firm of at least 20,000 rentable square feet. But, to truly understand your ideal client and to craft messages that will attract them, you should also know:

  • Their Demographics
  • Their status/position
  • What websites and social media do they use?
  • What organizations are they in?
  • What do they read?
  • How do they get their news?
  • Who/what has influenced them in their life?
  • What are their pain points, struggles, and stressors?

And so much more. The more you know about your ideal client (your avatar), the better you will be prepared to build-out the rest of your prospecting playbook.

Are you interested in building your own prospecting playbook, building your personal market presence, building your team, and most importantly – achieving the level of success you know you are capable of? Click here to schedule a free strategy session with one of our program consultants.

We are currently booking private Immersions for brokerage teams and offices all across the country, and would be happy to discuss how we can do the same for you and your team or office.

The First Step In Building Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Playbook — Your Avatar
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