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Imagine Having an Entire Team of Commercial Real Estate Professionals Dedicated to Your Personal Growth

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The Massimo Group

The Massimo Group, led by its founder, Rod Santomassimo, is a community of CRE experts leveraging proven processes and integrated platforms for the most dedicated commercial real estate agents who aspire to build the CRE business and life they have always desired.

All Massimo Coaches are active commercial real estate brokers who haven’t only “been there, done that,” but more importantly, they are currently “in there doing it.” With over 30 Certified Massimo CRE Coaches, the Massimo Group brings centuries of combined brokerage experience. When this experience is combined with our Massimo Methods TM, our coaching clients consistently out-earn their CRE peers by 7X.

We are proud of the fact that The Massimo Group coaching opportunity is not for everyone. We believe this gives us an enormous advantage as an organization and individuals. This gives us an enormous advantage as an organization and as individuals, allowing us to offer a coaching experience that remains unmatched.

To maintain this advantage, we are very selective in choosing the best coaches for our program. We know it’s important to you when making your decision.

You will not find inexperienced brokers among us. We are an elite group of experienced producers, and this is the only way we can coach our members to achieve transformational change. We walk the talk, so rest assured that when you join our group, you will only add to the vast amount of background experience we collectively have.

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Rod’s Story

Early on in life, I realized a funny thing about success… You don’t have to be the biggest, most talented, strongest one out there. In fact, in most of life’s arenas, I’ve been the underdog. Born premature, asthmatic, and legally blind in one eye, being a successful athlete, let alone becoming a thought leader in one of the biggest industries in the world, never seemed possible, let alone imaginable.

But from the time I could first remember, till today, there’s always been at least one coach who helped me rise up and change the trajectory of my life by reinforcing one statement… Knowing Isn’t Doing. These coaches forced me to do small tasks every day.

All of those small tasks compounded into things like playing Division-1 college lacrosse, becoming an EVP, COO, and CFO in various industries, and then in 2008, launching and building a multi-million dollar CRE Coaching business.

I know you’re probably asking yourself… Who the heck would start a business at the beginning of a major recession?

Well, at the start of the Great Recession, I found myself at a crossroads. I was unemployed thanks to corporate downsizing and knew I had a calling for so much more than the corporate rat race.

I was a coach at heart and had a love for helping others achieve success. When I finally put these two pieces together, I found my life’s mission.

I realized that in a tumultuous economy, so many commercial real estate professionals would be struggling to survive. I also knew (with my then 20+ years of CRE experience) that I could truly help them not only survive a recession but thrive and come out stronger.

Thus, The Massimo Group was born.

It was certainly not an easy road. I started with an old beat-up laptop on a 6-foot folding table in our vacant living room. It was just my wife and me — I did all the marketing, sales, and coaching. She oversaw our operations and the company’s finances. Looking back now, it still shocks me how we grew from a simple concept to a team of 30+ coaches and clients from all corners of the world. It took many personal coaches to make this possible.

Helping CRE Professionals build the business and life they desire

Over the last 15 years (by working with 4,100+ Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Owners), we have created systems and processes that can dramatically help you start and/or grow the commercial real estate brokerage business and life you desire. We start by dissecting where you are now, mapping out where you want to be, and then creating a roadmap to get you there. 

Completing a comprehensive assessment of your current brokerage practices
Defining your ideal clients and a specific value proposition that will resonate with prospects
Maximizing your productivity and creating more control in your day
Developing and implementing personal presence campaigns to get you noticed
Creating targeted prospecting campaigns to acquire higher-quality clients
Designing a presentation and pitch that sets you apart and wins higher fee opportunities
Building a structure of resources around your strengths to afford you more freedom
Securing more Clarity while diluting the chaos. Creating more Confidence and Consistency

Every commercial real estate broker has their own personal journey. The goal is to break away from being seen as a commodity, as "just another broker," and attain a market authority position. Watch the video below to understand what is possible for you.

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