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8 Steps to Building Your CRE Prospecting Playbook – Part 2

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If you missed ‘8 Steps to Building Your CRE Prospecting Playbook – Part 1’ earlier this week, you can read it here.

Yesterday we launched our live event, the Massimo Immersion – Your 2018 Prospecting Playbook. We are thrilled that the event is sold out. During the first day of this two-day event our coaching team assisted the Immersion attendees in building their personal prospecting playbooks.

This first day was focused on:

• Defining their Avatar

• Define the key issues their Avatar is facing today

• Define their Value Proposition

• Draft a prospect letter

Today we are addressing the next four steps of building their 2018 prospecting playbooks:

5. Opening Statement – now that you have identified your ideal contact and their issues, you need to craft an opening statement that will be a clear representation of the purpose of your call, and the advantage to your prospects taking this call.

6. Prospect Call– You need to be prepared for obstacles, challenges and rejection during your calls. Are you armored with tools necessary to turn an obstacle into an opportunity?

7. Questioning – he or she that asks the right questions will control the flow of the conversation. You should have a question methodology and library to convert your calls in to meetings.

8. Supporting Content – Prospecting without any personal presence is an uphill battle. Leverage value oriented content that will resonate with your prospects and assist in your prospecting efforts.

Are you interested in building your own prospecting playbook, a plan for building your personal market presence, your team, and ultimately – achieving the level of success you know you are capable of? Click here to schedule a free strategy session with one of our program consultants. This small investment of your time will provide you the clarity you need to determine how to grow your business, and grow it exponentially.

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