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3 Biggest Mistakes Made By Commercial Real Estate Brokers During the Summer

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Welcome to Summer. Most of the kids are out of school, excluding those “year-round” students” — and most families are focused on where to go on vacation.

Everyone needs a vacation. Yes, even you. The key is to not dismiss your essential vocation elements during these 3 months of summer vacation.

While studying and coaching thousands of commercial real estate agents and brokers (for almost ten years now), I have noticed these 3 crucial mistakes that derail businesses and set them up for failure for the remainder of the year.

1. Stop adhering to established time allocations. The most productive commercial real estate professionals remain disciplined to their time blocking. They continue to prospect, strategize and conduct internal meetings as planned. They do not go on “summer hours”.

2. Lower personal metrics. Leading commercial real estate producers don’t back off their established weekly goals. If they had a goal for attempting 100 calls a week in February, then the same holds true (if not higher) in June, July, and August.

3. Stop marketing. Why maintain a high level of marketing when your clients are also vacationing? The simple reason is: your competition is still marketing — and today, most of your prospects get their messages and marketing pieces on our mobile devices. Your marketing efforts will still be seen.

Your vacation is more than likely funded by your vocation. Thus, make the most of your vocation during these summer months so your winter vacation will be one of joy, and not of concern.

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