Happy New Year. As we enter 2018, I find that most commercial real estate professionals are looking forward to growing. Whether it is growing your income, growing your personal commercial real estate practice, or growing your personal time away from the transaction treadmill by creating a self-sustaining business model – we all want to grow.

Whatever your passion, one key to growing – is to be viewed as a valuable resource to your prospects, your clients, and key market influencers.

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Focus on strengthening relationships, and not simply doing deals. Focus on improving (if not stabilizing) value in your client’s holding investments. Focus on financing options that assist your clients – not just today, but tomorrow as well. Becoming a resource is easy to achieve, regardless of your level of success or experience.

A resource is someone who is:

1. Realistic – with their clients on current market conditions and pricing. You are the guide to navigating your clients to their objectives; it is your market knowledge that allows you be in tune to what is achievable. This brings us to point 2..

2. Educated – acquires higher designation in their craft. Your skill set can only be enhanced by your education. Several industry insiders refer to what you bring to a client as KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits). Are you consistently working on each of these 4 factors?

3. Source – connector of all vendors, information paramount to facilitate a transaction. Make the transaction as smooth as possible, and craft the relationships that your clients can leverage.

4. Organized – access to information and ability to efficiently and effective provide it. Decision makers want to be put in position to make the best/most educated decision. Your ability to provide, present, and articulate such information will separate you from your peers.

5. Understanding – has personal or relative experience of being an asset owner. Empathy will serve you well in building relationships and being a resource. When others believe you understand their position, they will be drawn to you.

6. Respected – Fellow brokers, managers, lenders, vendors, and clients endorse your ethics. How are your getting your deals complete? Do you put your client’s objectives first and foremost? How do you treat others, including your counterparts in a transaction?

7. Concise – ability to efficiently and effective communicate. See #4 above. Having knowledge and being organized is essential, but having the ability to clearly relay your findings  is crucial.

8. Energetic – positive and passionate – back to #2 and KASH. Attitude is one thing. People are attracted to positive people, people are also attracted to those with a high level of energy. How do you come across?

Again, becoming a resource is easy to achieve, regardless of your level of success or experience. It will take a little time, but the time will pay endless dividends in your future.

As we move into 2018, most commercial real estate professionals remain challenged in building a sustainable personal practice. Top producers desire more personal time, mid-career brokers crave greater consistency, and those new to the CRE business are looking for a fast start to a long career.

After 9+ years of working with thousands of commercial real estate professionals, we understand these challenges. We have developed new programs that are now available to everyone in the industry – programs created specifically to fit every level of success, experience, commitment, and budget.

Please visit us at MassimoCRE.coach and learn how you can now secure the commercial real estate career you have always dreamed of.

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