** Note, segments of this blog are excerpts from Christine’s recent article in Forbes

Like many commercial real estate professionals, I felt I was spinning my wheels on LinkedIn. There are 1,000’s of prospects with LinkedIn accounts, but I was struggling to find and cultivate those who hold the keys to my next professional opportunity. I wanted an easy way to take LinkedIn conversations to the next step.

As such, I knew I needed help — so I hired Christine Hueber for myself, and for our sales team. Christine is the founder of ChristineHueber.com, and is known by her clients as the “LinkedIn Jedi Master” because she shows them how to “hack” LinkedIn for better results.

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Here are the 3 Steps to Attract CRE Clients on LinkedIn:

Step 1: Connect

Ask yourself who, exactly, has what you’re looking for — whether you’re searching for a job or a public speaking opportunity — and think about why you want to connect with them. Do you want to connect with tenants, or landlords? Building owners or investors? If so, at which company? If you want a specific company, who would the decision makers and influencers be? Use Search to find them.

Step 2: Cultivate

This is where you keep building trust and nurturing the relationship. How? By always leading to the next step. Your goal in this step is to discover if your shiny new contact is the keeper of the keys to the fabulous new opportunity you want.

Acknowledge their reply. Then ask an open-ended question that relates to the opportunity you want. For example, I currently ask, “I’m curious, how are you using LinkedIn?” Obviously, you would send what is most effective for your brand and the opportunity you want to attract.

Depending on how much you want to engage them, start becoming very visible. Do whatever it takes to get their attention. This means engaging with their profile, specifically their articles and posts, and endorsing their skills. Obviously, you would do it in a professional, value-rich way.

Step 3: Close

Up until this point, you’ve established from your questions that this person has or doesn’t have access to the opportunity you want. Here are the three ways you can close your LinkedIn connection:

  • The first and most preferable is to ask for a call. This can be as simple as, “Would you like to schedule a quick call to explore … ?”
  • Alternatively, they might know who you’re looking for, in which case you can ask for a referral: “Whom do you know who … ?”
  • OR, ask if you can add them to your list (Everyone should have one — it’s your most valuable professional asset!): “Would you like to be notified … ?”

And that’s how simple it is to attract opportunities on LinkedIn!

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If you are interested in learning more, click here to join us for a free webinar on January 25th at 1:00pm EST, “Building Your CRE Pipeline with LinkedIn”, where we will share how to best leverage LinkedIn to start building stronger relationships and securing prospects!

3 Steps to Attract CRE Clients on LinkedIn
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