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The CRE Prospect Fitness Scorecard

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The second largest waste of time for commercial real estate brokers, is to pursue prospects that don’t fit their ‘successful client’ profile. The biggest waste of time for commercial real estate brokers, is working with clients that don’t fit their ‘successful client’ profile.

Do you have a successful client profile? You know, a list of the characteristics of those clients that not only generated income for you, but during the transaction – were a pleasure to work with, responsive, motivated, and realistic in their expectations?

Perhaps the client engagement did not lead to a successful conclusion for the client and/or a fee for you; but it was successful nevertheless. The failure was not due to expectations or execution, but simply dealing with an unrealistic party on the other side. Regardless of outcome, you have the ability (if not the obligation) to work with prospects and clients that fit your realistic vision of success. When this happens, not only will you have a better chance of transacting, but more importantly – retaining a raving fan/client.

What is a “Great fit” and “Don’t fit” prospect and/or client for you? Do you have your scorecard or criteria established?

Here is an example of our Massimo Group coaching “Great fit” and “Don’t fit” score card:

I would love to hear what some of the variables are that you consider to be a ‘Great Fit’ and ‘Don’t Fit’ for your prospects and clients; please share in the comments below.

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