Most commercial real estate brokers are challenged at making prospect calls. The calls are impersonal, boring, misguided and lackluster. If only they were aweful, as in ‘full of awe’. Not awful, as they tend to be.

In his book “The Coaching Habit” by Michael Bungay Stanier, he expands on the value of the A-W-E question. The A-W-E question is simple and genius — and what else?”

Let your prospects flush out their challenges and motivations. Let them speak to what else they’re looking for, what else they’re trying to achieve, what their pain points are.

For example, when you ask a tenant prospect about ideal space, respond with “and what else”. When you ask a tenant what they don’t like about their existing space, ask the tenant “and what else”. When you ask a landlord about their current management issues, or a property owner about his or her investment criteria, ask “and what else”.

This is an “awe-ful” question, and one of many approaches to making your prospect calls as effective as possible.

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