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Sorry, But That’s Not Prospecting

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Earlier last month I was presenting at a regional conference, and I asked everyone to write down their top 5 prospecting activities. After a few minutes, the audience shared their answers and we outlined a list of the answers. The list included the following:

1. Calls

2. Tweets

3. Emails

4. LinkedIn

5. Facebook

6. Letters

7. Networking

8. Entertainment

9. Meetings

10. Instagram

11. Conferences

12. Canvassing

There were several other similar answers that I left off of this final list. I then shared with the audience that my original request to “write down their top 5 prospecting activities” was a trick. You see, there are really only 3 valid ways to prospect. Prospecting, by definition, is the disciplined act of asking for business. Let’s break this down to the three essential components:

Disciplined – It is not sporadic, but intentional and habitual. It is consistent. Top producers make time to prospect every day.

Act – It is an action, and it takes effort. It does not happen independently; but, like discipline – it happens with intent.

Asking – A specific question to secure a commitment to do business, to transact, to represent, etc. Now, given this definition – refer back to the list created by my audience. How many of those activities are disciplined, are an act, and ask directly for business?

The 3 proven prospecting approaches are:

1. Calls

2. Letters

3. Meetings

Everything else is simply marketing. Those activities are very important, and complementary to your prospecting efforts – but they are not asking for business.

Today, challenge yourself to act. Start building your disciplined approach to asking for business.

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