The New Year is upon us – heck we are now in week 2, looking smack into week 3 barreling down upon us! The month is almost over, and I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I had planned. OK, time for a deep breath.

If the first two weeks have seemingly flown by for you as well, I strongly suggest you install a short routine in your week. Ideally every Friday afternoon, you should ask yourself these 4 simple questions. Your answers will put you in the right position (both mentally and tactically) to get the most out of each week of the year. The key for making progress every week, starts with the same step as making progress every year – first you need to reflect.

Here are 4 key reflection questions that will assist you in making each week a productive one:

1. Top Successes for the Week – This could be a new client secured, a closing, a productive prospect meeting, or good prospect call session. Although most find it challenging to admit it, each week there are several successes to reflect upon. Even if you simply made the effort to call or sent a postcard campaign, and it did not receive the response you unrealistically set – you still made impressions. Start with bullet pointing your 3 top successes for the week.

2. Need Assistance – Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs assistance in moving forward. Each week has its challenges. As the leader of your personal commercial real estate practice, you need to identify and address these challenges and not let them stall your progress. This speaks to the “who”, who can help you?

3. Priorities for Next week – Identify and prioritize your key efforts for each week. Who are your top prospects, what projects need your attention, which deals require the greatest focus? Your ability to implement on each of these priorities will prove to be one of your greatest levers to personal success.

4. Issues/Concerns – There are items that need assistance (see #2 above) and then there are issues that need to be fixed, and concerns that need to be resolved. What client issues, such as an unrealistic seller, tenant, landlord, etc., are you ignoring? What is holding your back from making calls, or converting meetings? Think of this element as the “how”. You need help figuring out the “how”.

The best way to address and record these issues is on a single page. Simply put the date on top, then the 4 headers and bullet point 2 to 5 items under each of the 4 bullets. This exercise will do two things. First, it will give you clarity of your week. Second, it will provide the basis for a plan for the following week. Keep a log, track this each week, and in no time – you will find you are making progress, or (at the very least) identifying the areas you know you need help.

The Massimo Group has developed coaching programs for every commercial real estate professional who is committed to their own success – regardless of level of experience, success, or budget. I invite you to visit to explore our programs.

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