As we are getting ready for this Wednesday’s first ever Great CRE CRM Debate, we are receiving several questions in advance. I commit to you that we will address these questions during this free webinar. One of the most common questions is “which feature is the most important?”

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Today’s client relationship management (CRM) platforms have so many functions. They can track your contacts, prospects and influencers. They can track historical conversations and correspondence. Some can automate marketing campaigns, while others can match investor criteria with updated property listings.

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However, which feature is the most important? That is simple – the most important feature in a CRM or database, regardless of which one you are using is the “Next” button. This may be labeled “Next Step”, “Follow Up” or even “Save and New” in most CRMs. This one button is critical. You see, no matter the result of the task you are documenting in your CRM, there is ALWAYS a next step. Even if someone insists you remove them from your list and never call them again or they will “hunt you down and kill your whole family” (yes, one prospect once said those exact words to me), there is always a next step. For me it was a check-in six months later to see if this prospect was still a maniac, or was simply having a bad day.

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Now there are times you are better off purging a contact from your database. I absolutely agree. However, more opportunities are lost on existing relationships, simply because we don’t schedule a next step with those we are pursuing or currently working with.

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