With our coaching clients, we implement a productivity program – appropriately termed I.P.A.I.D.™. This process allows them to look back at every day and answer “yes” to the question: “Was I paid today?”

I also use this approach in planning for my week. Every Sunday morning, I have a routine that serves me well and allows me to be best positioned for getting the most from the upcoming week. I wake up earlier, get in a workout, and then jump in the home office before my wife and kids are up and ready for family time. I spend an hour planning and preparing for the week ahead; which puts me in the position to make every day of the upcoming week as productive as possible.

Here are the 8 things I look at in preparing for the week ahead:

1. Review Annual and Monthly Goals: Remind myself of the big picture. I reiterate the three big goals I set for the Massimo Group, and myself – and reflect on the monthly goals to support these.

2. Review Financials/Pipeline: Look at YTD sales and opportunities in our pipeline. I send out quick notes to my sales team for clarification or suggested next steps. All the information I need is included in our Infusionsoft CRM, and we support this with a few simple and shared Google Docs.

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3. Review Weekly Calendar: This calendar is shared in both my Infusionsoft CRM and Google, and includes all scheduled commitments. I re-evaluate their prioritization: are there any meetings I don’t need to attend, should reschedule, or better – can delegate? Remember your time is one of your most valuable assets. Spend it wisely.

4. Review daily To-Do List For Each Day of the Upcoming Week: Re-evaluate their prioritization – are there any items I can delegate, or simply delete?

5. Review Team Marketing Calendar: This is the calendar we created at the beginning of the year, I make necessary changes based on the level of a campaign’s effectiveness.

6. Review the Team WIG Sheet: At the beginning of the year, each team member set key Wildly Important Goals to support our overall team goals – and they share their weekly progress on a simple Google Doc. Again, everything is shared and transparent.

7. Outline Semi-weekly Blogs: Based on the calendar our team determined at the beginning of the year, and I will write these during the week. Topics are based on the calendar we set, but I will deviate if a current event will create a greater response/readership.

8. Reallocate My Schedule and Days as Needed: I do this by integrating my personal schedule, as my family is the priority – why the heck else are we working so hard?

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Here’s My Weekly Plan for Maximum Results
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