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What Content gets Your CRE Prospects to Answer Your Call

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In my last blog post, I shared with you the value blogging and how, by using keywords in the title, to grab the attention of your target audience. Take the title of this blog for example.  It is targeted to a specific audience, those that are already leveraging social media or are curious how to use social media.  It is very likely that the title of this blog will not attract many of the seasoned veterans in the commercial real estate industry, as they are not engaged, nor believe in the value of, delivering content.

Today I want to explore how you get your readers/prospects engaged in your content.  How, by providing applicable information, will convert your readers to followers, and followers to influencers and potentially to clients.

To learn more on converting readers to clients, click here.

If you have made it to this part of the blog, then there was something of interest that lured you to continue reading.  That’s the point.  What subject matter and promise of value can you provide your targeted audience to engage them in your material?  I offered a lesson on converting prospects to clients.  This had an interest to you, otherwise, you would not be reading this sentence.

Potentially you have a list of solutions for a tenant who is expanding, or business that is closing, or an owner who is considering refinancing.  Maybe you just dealt with a specific issue in a transaction that is prevalent in your market and you know others would be interested (air rights in New York City, property insurance in Houston and FL).

Certainly, the first place you should leverage your content is your personal transactional experience, from there you can expand to recent market transactions and trends.  These variables alone provide you with a wealth of information to create applicable content to a target audience.   Identify the issues, players, and impacts on decision makers, shareholders, stakeholders.    This approach is one of the best ways to design an entire year of content.

Additional sources of content are other blogs, newsletters, research reports, and industry news.  However, when using these sources for your content is it vital that you craft a story that has value to your targeted audience.  Your conversion ratio of readers to followers to influencers to prospects is much greater when you have a targeted message to a specific audience.

Speaking of targeted content, our Executive Vice President, Bo Barron, is presenting a Masterclass that you don’t want to miss!

 How These 3 Top Producers Find and Protect the Time for Prospecting.

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