I once worked with a commercial real estate brokerage manager who said there were two types of people in the world – those that didn’t like to cold call, and those that lie about liking cold calling. He might have overstated his point a bit, but he does have a point. Odds are, you don’t like to prospect by telephone – but it’s equally likely that you would like to grow your personal commercial real estate brokerage practice.

There is no better way to expand your business than to talk to new prospects. The easiest way to start a conversation with new people is to pick up the phone and call them – and it doesn’t have to be hard or unpleasant. Try to keep these principles in mind, and you’ll find that prospecting by telephone is easier than you expect. You might even have fun doing it!

The 4 simple ways to make telephone prospecting easy:

1. CALL IN BLOCKS OF TIME. When you get a good rhythm going, calling gets easier. Set some time aside, close your email, put your cell phone on vibrate, and make your calls. As you find your groove, you’ll find it gets easier.

2. CALL SIMILAR CLIENTS TOGETHER. Instead of just culling through your CRM or database randomly, call thematically. For example, you could call only clients with mortgages that are rolling in the next six months, call everyone with between 20 and 30 percent vacancy, or only call people in a one or two block area. Calling similar clients lets you take what you hear on one call and use it with other prospects.

3. CALL ABOUT SOMETHING EXCITING OR VALUABLE. I believe there is always a reason to call. When you know that you have something valuable, your enthusiasm and confidence will come across and your prospects should respond. This is also a powerful brand building tool – instead of being an annoyance like most cold calls, your telephone call will be valuable to your client.

4. MAINTAIN PERSPECTIVE. No matter what you do, some of the people you contact will not react positively. It’s their loss. Move on and find someone else that appreciates the considerable value you can give them. Telephone prospecting is a numbers game, and occasional failed calls are part of the process.

One of the great things about prospecting by telephone is that it can have an (almost) immediate impact on your business. If you talk to more people, you will meet with more people, thus have more opportunities to compete for sales or leasing engagements. Once you have the opportunity, all you have to do is close for the business. If that isn’t a great reason to shut down your web browser right now and do some prospecting, I don’t know what is!

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