For all of you who geek out on personality types, I’m an INTJ. In short, that means I value competency over just about anything else. It also means I hate to feel stupid…hate it.

Last week my A/C was struggling to keep up with the hot and humid Kentucky summer day. The downstairs was good. The upstairs was not. As soon as you walked up the stairs, the heat smacked you in the face. Now the kids live up there so I wasn’t that concerned, but my wife made me call the A/C guys.

The 4 Myths of Prospecting

So I met the A/C guy at the house. When I pulled up, he was hosing off my air compressor. Turns out my compressor unit was filled with dirt and dust. I paid this guy $70 to drive to my house and turn my hose on. I felt like an idiot. I hate the feeling. Somehow, I’ve made it to my 40th year on this planet without ever knowing you need to hose that thing off occasionally.

It reminded me of a prom I went to when I was 18. It was in the town over. When I was driving home the next day, my car started making funny noises. By the time I was turning onto my street, my car died. I literally coasted to the base of my driveway.

My dad came out, popped the hood, and checked my oil. It was dry. He asked me, “When was the last time you changed the oil?” I looked at him puzzled and replied, “What do you mean?” I had driven that car for 2 years without an oil change. As a result, I had cracked the block. I simply didn’t know I needed to change the oil. And I felt like an idiot. I hate that feeling.

“A compressor needs air. An engine needs oil. Your business, your pipeline – needs new opportunities.”

But not just any opportunities. You want to find and win the business you want. You want to do business with people you are meant to serve.

To pull that off, you need a targeted prospecting machine that will churn out new and high-quality opportunities. You need a laser focus on your perfect prospects. You need to be able to differentiate yourself from your competition with a compelling value proposition. But there are four myths out there that will short circuit this for you.

4 Myths That Will Short-Circuit Your Prospecting Machine:

1. Prospecting is dead – No. It’s not. This is the mantra of those who hate to prospect. It is also the mantra of those who make their living selling garbage to those who hate to prospect. It is not dead. It remains the foundational skill and central focus of top producers.

2. I can serve anyone – No. You can’t. Common sense tells you that you can’t. You don’t have the capacity. If that is true, then you need a laser focus on the people you were meant to serve. The best part is you get to choose who that is. My advice? Think of the people you’ve enjoyed working with the best. Now go find more prospects like them.

3. I’m great ‘from the hip’ – Maybe you are. But this is the mantra for those who don’t want to put the work in. A Navy SEAL said this – “You don’t rise to the occasion. You fall to the level of your preparation.” ‘Nuff said.

4. My presence will generate all the business I need – Sometimes this is true. But there are two problems with this. First, when the market turns, those who prospect well are those who continue to thrive. Those who rely solely on their presence get to do something else. Second, when your presence drives your business, you only get to do what comes to you. You lack control. Not a good place to be.

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I want to challenge you to purge these myths from your mind and from your business. Decide you are going to prospect – regularly. More than that, pursue the business you want – not just anyone with a pulse and a checkbook. Prepare. Then prepare some more. And recognize presence for what it is – the grease that lubricates your prospecting machine.

Do these things and you will not only survive the next downturn, you will capture market share.

If you are interested in only speaking with qualified prospects, and no longer wasting your time chasing those who will never make a decision or those that do not value your time, click below for our free download!

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