This will be my 7th consecutive trip out Las Vegas for this years’ RECon show. This is the largest commercial real estate show in the United States. Two-days of back-breaking speed walks between meetings, only to jump on a 5+ hour flight back home — praying for a not-to-be granted upgrade.

To make the most of this event, and guarantee a high return on my time and money — my team has only scheduled meetings with individual brokers and agents who are seriously considering working with us.

To best prepare for these meetings, we have asked these candidates to complete a quick, two-minute CRE assessment. With this I can quickly gauge where they are in their personal commercial real estate practice, and provide them with the feedback they need — ensuring our meetings are productive.

If you would like to take our FREE two-minute personal commercial real estate practice assessment, click here.

If you have more than two minutes, and would like a back stage look at how we work with our coaching clients to achieve the exponential growth in their income, we invite you to a free workshop — The 5 Pillars to 7x Your Business. Click here to register.