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1. A Better Way To Say Goodbye To Your Haters

I have them, you have them, heck we all have them. The haters. You know, those folks within your lives that complain, are negative, or simply enjoy criticizing. In your world, it may be your friends, prospects, clients, affiliates or, hopefully not, even family members. Know what to say to haters and do not let their actions nor their words get to you… Click to read more

2. Best Approaches to Marketing Yourself as a Commercial Real Estate Broker

As I noted in a previous blog, I had the privilege of presenting at CRE Tech Live – New York. During my 20-minute “Ted-Talk” like presentation, I shared how top producing brokers build their own dominant market presence… Click to read more

3. How To Become A Real Estate Agent For Commercial Real Estate

Learning how to become a real estate agent can open many doors for you. These include working in the commercial real estate industry, where commissions are high. This field, though, is different from residential real estate, and knowing what it entails is a step toward succeeding in it… Click to read more

4. What to Do When Your Business Email System is Hacked

This past Thursday afternoon I was taking some personal time and walking with my parents and son outside a lifestyle center when the calls started coming in. First from my sales director, then my assistant, both informing me our email account got hacked and we were not able to send, receive, or even access our emails. Soon came the calls from clients, prospects and friends calling me, sounding almost frightened, “Rod, did you send me this document, or is it spam?!” Click to read more

5. How to Handle Objections in Commercial Real Estate

Learning to successfully handle objections could have more impact on your commercial real estate success than any other skill. It will help you land more listings, take higher fees, put more deals under contract, keep them under, and protect your final commission check. Not only is the skill powerful, but it’s relatively simple to master. Here are four techniques that will help you handle every objection more effectively… Click to read more

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