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5 Big CRE Trends Going Into 2018

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Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking with Rick Lackey, president and founder of Real Professionals Network. RPN provides a mastermind orientation for commercial real estate professionals across several markets in North America. I have known Rick for several years, but never had the chance to attend on of RPN’s meetings until recently when Rick traveled to Raleigh.

I was immediately drawn to the intensely focused discussion on local real estate issues. Frankly, I was a little embarrassed, as I had little knowledge of the details the group addressed (my focus tends to be more national). For those of you who are looking to expand your network, and reach/secure information to leverage for better prospecting – I highly recommend RPN.

During my visit to the Raleigh RPN meeting, Rick presented his review of national markets and highlighted the key trends that will impact all in attendance. Afterwards, I invited Rick to share these insights with our audience (see below for link to full video recording).

Here are 5 big trends we can expect next year:

1. Industrial is white hot. While multi-family remains the darling investment property type for many, industrial assets are in high demand in several major and secondary markets.

2. “Eds and Meds” continue to attract. High growth cities are characterized by those with growing University and Medical communities.

3. “Constration”. Construction prices will continue to rise; they are inflated by the weather events in Houston, Miami, and Puerto Rico. Sheetrock and labor are flocking to these areas leaving the rest of the country paying more for resources.

4. Migration to the Core. Office and residential developments will continue in both core markets and core cities.

5. Rules and Regs. More specifically, the pending tax changes could have significant impact on us, our clients, and each other’s respective businesses.

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