Last week the Massimo Group held our first national commercial real estate prospecting call blast. Through email blasts, LinkedIn and Facebook announcements – we invited the brokerage community to join us and focus on making prospect calls. Registrants joined me live on our company Facebook page, where I shared several strategies on how to engage their targeted prospects during their calling sessions.

The first element, of course, is preparing for who you are going to call – are they a past client (we actually refer to these folks as “inactive clients”) or new prospects? Before you call, have your list in front of you. The second component is what you are going to say, what is your ‘value proposition’ you’re seeking to share?

As this was our first national/public prospecting call blast (we routinely orchestrate these sessions for our Massimo Member/coaching clients only), our expectations were cautious at best. As with any new idea, some adaption phase will occur. Fortunately, we had scores of commercial real estate professionals join us, and I helped lay out for them the key questions to ask during the prospect call.

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To watch the videos I shared about the initial set up call (where I share specific, proven questions to ask) and the wrap up call (where I share additional prospecting strategies), visit our Facebook page!

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3 Great Questions to Ask on Your Prospect Calls
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