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3 Commercial Real Estate Articles Brokers/Agents Must Read This Week

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Every week I do my best to read as much news as I can about the commercial real estate industry and commercial real estate brokerage. I also recognize most commercial real estate professionals don’t take the time to do the same. They either get caught in the daily grind of finding, winning and fulfilling business, or worse – they don’t feel they can leverage the information for their/their clients benefit. This week I reviewed a variety of stories that have a direct impact on your ability to win more business.

The first story, “Commercial Real Estate Pricing Drops Nationally As the Search for Attractive Assets Continue” addresses the major issues that most sales/investment brokers are facing – the inability to find properties, and owners who won’t sell because they do not know what to do with the proceeds.

The second story, “These 5 CRE Sectors Have Economists Feeling Optimistic” is applicable to any CRE broker/agent who is focused on the sale or leasing of industrial, multi-family, or retail markets. These are small bites of positive information that you can share with your audience; perhaps this will help provide some needed confidence in the market for some.

The final story, which is really best for landlord reps and property managers is “Curbing Operating Costs in Commercial Real Estate”. You can take these ideas and share them with your prospects and clients. Heck, from this one article you can create a series of 6 or 7 articles expanding on each of the issues the authors share in this article.

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