How To Set Yourself Up For Success

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Check out the following keys that will help set you up for success.

In this article:

  1. In Letting Yourself Go
  2. In Choosing Happiness
  3. In Feeding Your Soul

Different Keys That Help Set You Up for Success


It Boils Down to Your Choices

Success doesn’t happen overnight. There are multiple areas in our lives that we have to consistently improve to reach our goals. We have listed some keys below on how to achieve success through three parts – letting yourself go, choosing happiness, and feeding your soul.

In Letting Yourself Go

1. Dream Big and Push Your Boundaries

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This key to success will help you jumpstart your goals. Outside the movies, dreams don’t happen because of a fairy godmother. They require consistent hard work and never-ending exploration. Big dreams turn into reality once we push ourselves outside our boundaries, too. And to grow, we must be willing to do things we have never done before to evolve.

2. Take Risks and Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Got a crazy idea? If you ever feel scared to jump, ask yourself – what if I don’t fall? What if I fly? Living life in just one tiny box will never get you anywhere. In the finance world, most enthusiasts always claim – high risks, high returns. In life, this belief can be held true, too. If you try to embrace risks, you can achieve your highest potential.

3. Embrace Your Mistakes and Move On

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Life is dynamic. Every mistake can be a unique story to tell – a story full of adventures and lessons you would otherwise never learn.

Truthfully, we are all afraid of making mistakes because they throw a monkey wrench into our whole program. But, it is through the same mistakes that we get out of our comfort zones and teach ourselves to look at new horizons.

Mistakes are essential in learning because they point us towards reality. So every time you find yourself sulking in one corner, pick yourself up. Use mistakes as your stepping stones to success. Charge everything to experience.

4. Be Curious and Never Stop Learning

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Learning begins with a pop of curiosity and a dash of humility to ask questions. There are so many wonderful life lessons that you won’t get to master if you never ask.

Wondering how to pitch like a pro?  The possibilities of what can happen in the future are endless. Learning is the driving force of growth. Implementing what you learned jumpstarts your habits, Once you settle with all you know, you lose opportunities to grow and be more. Life is limitless and so are you!

In Choosing Happiness

5. Find Happiness in Others’ Successes

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Life is a race… with yourself. You are only supposed to look in front (your potential self) or behind (your former self), and not sidewards (other CRE professionals). Each of us has his or her own set of magic tricks paired with a customized timetable in life. What works for you may not work for others.

Perhaps a colleague was able to close a deal in a shorter time than you did. Or maybe a peer is able to convert thrice as many leads into deals than you do. Every time you feel like comparing yourself to others, just remember we all run our own race at our own pace. So celebrate other people’s wins and be happy for them. You would want them to be happy for your wins, too.

6. Shun the Negative Thoughts and Feed the Positive

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Entertaining a negative thought is much like voluntarily entering a black hole – it’s never-ending. Negative thoughts may eat up your soul and convince you to doubt your potential and your future in the CRE industry.

There are some techniques that you can practice when you find yourself getting stuck with negativity. One effective trick is to always be mindful of your own thoughts. Catch yourself when you begin thinking negatively. What if this prospect says “no?” What if I mess up the presentation? What if no one takes my calls? Instead, ask yourself – what if this works out?

Remember, the master of your own mind is you and not your thoughts. If you can willingly let bad thoughts in, you can also force them to go out.

In Feeding Your Soul

7. Be Healthy in Mind and in Body

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Body budget is a concept explained by Lisa Feldman Barrett in her book called How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain. Lisa discusses that the body budget is much like any financial budget. There are income and expenses.

In a body budget, income is anything you feed your body, while expenses are your actions. If you feed your body healthy food and optimistic thoughts, then this positive energy will flow to your actions, resulting in better decisions. On the other hand, if you feed yourself junk food and toxic thoughts, then you wouldn’t have the proper energy to make rational decisions.

8. Keep Your Energy High

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Let’s face it – sometimes it feels like giving up is a better option than striving. There is a particular inspirational quote about running that goes something like this – life is like a race. As long as you keep on putting one foot in front of the other, eventually you’ll get to the finish line.

This applies to the work we do in commercial real estate. Sometimes, we feel discouraged when sales take longer; we get depressed when our pitches don’t connect; we think very low of ourselves when we are unable to close a deal.

But during these tough times, just remember – the minute you feel like quitting is the minute you push yourself more. Being consistent may be the only sure way to steer you to better things. Remember, if you don’t continue, you’ll never know.

Download this infographic now and reference it later.

infographic | The Massimo Group-How To Set Yourself Up For Success

Check out this video on how to set yourself up for success:

Again, there is no such thing as overnight success. We must put in the hard work consistently, maintain the growth mindset, and feed our bodies with positivity and enthusiasm. And slowly, by creating healthy habits, we will achieve our goals.

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