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Don’t Kid Yourself | Implementing What You Have Learned Is Important

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Implementing your learning is what separates successful people from the rest.

Implementing the Lessons | Don’t Just Know Them – Do Them

The Difference between Knowing and Doing

I had the opportunity to go up north to Montreal to give a presentation to hundreds of folks in regard to their prospecting efforts. After the three-hour workshop, several came to speak to me. One particular attendee let me know, “You know, Rod, I know several of the principles you share with me today.”

I said, “Great, are you doing it?” He looked perplexed and asked me what I meant.

“Well, now you know these principles, you know they’re going to help you move your business forward and earn more commissions. Are you actually doing it?”

He said, “No, I’m not.”

That’s the difference.

The Essence of Implementing the Learning

Hand, pen and coffee cup | Don’t Kid Yourself | Implementing What You Know Or What You Have Learned Is Important

You see, knowing isn’t doing. It’s great to be a lifelong learner, to read books, to take courses, and whatever else. Unless you’re implementing what you have learned, though, it’s not going to impact your commissions or your fees or enhance your personal value.

Don’t kid yourself. Knowing isn’t doing.

Go out today and let’s do it.

Start implementing your learning.

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