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Prospecting Lessons from Pokémon Go

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If you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go, the latest virtual reality app that is changing the way people interact with one another, you need to lift your head up and watch the news, read a paper or even a blog.  This week, Pokémon Go has been a headline story in the Wall Street Journal and various national nightly news broadcasts.  The application is, without a doubt, an insight into the future.

pokemon go

To most of us, Pokémon is a little known game, created by Nintendo, which includes fictional creatures from various lands.  These creatures are carried around by humans in Pokeballs and they battle one another for, well I don’t know what for really; they just like to fight.

Pokémon Go takes this basic game and uses GPS to randomly place Pokémon in locations around the user.  The user simply looks at the app on their smart phone to see what creatures are located within their proximity.  Different Poke balls can attract different Pokémon.

So what the heck does all this have to do with prospecting for new business?  Actually, there are three lessons we can take from the strategy of Pokémon Go.

3 Prospecting Lessons from Pokémon Go


1) You have to go find Pokémon hotspots.

These Pokémon creatures appear in various Pokémon hotspots and you have to find them. Just like your prospects, you have to go where they are located; they are not coming to you.

[Tweet “Your prospects won’t come to you; you have to go find them.”]

2) You have to treat each Pokémon differently.

Not all Pokémon, or all prospects, are attracted to the same approach.  You need to change up your pitch and value proposition to best position yourself to attract the prospects you are targeting.

3) Pokémon don’t die.

Yes, they each have special weapons and powers, but if they are defeated in battle, they simply are not able to rejoin the fight.   Just like your prospects, if they say no one day, they may very easily say yes the next time you call.

[Tweet “Your prospects may say no one day, but they may very easily say yes the next time you call.”]

So today, go out and find a prospect hotspot. Bring the right pitch which they will relate to, and ultimately converse with you. If you get rejected, don’t worry.  Just like Pikachu (seemingly the only Pokémon a non-Pokémon enthusiast like me know), the prospect always comes back.

On a personal note, a special thank you to my son Nicolas for sharing with me the virtues of Pokémon.

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  1. Yesterday, on the way to my daughter’s softball game, my son pleads with us to turn into the parking lot of the neighborhood fire station so he could collect a Pokemon.

    Then I read about a local woman who called the cops on a couple who were snooping around a Kohl’s parking lot. The caller didn’t know what was going on, but the cops did. “Are they looking at their phones?” the cops asked. And they were.

    This Pokemon thing is crazy…but your parallels to prospecting couldn’t be more spot on. Thanks, Rod!

  2. Great article !

    Having teenage kids myself i’m fully versed in the Pokémon phenomenon
    The new Pokémon app is in the forefront of innovation and renewal of existing product
    I love the way you parlayed it into prospecting

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