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How You Can Apply Peyton Manning’s Greatest Secrets to Success

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Coming off of ICSC RECon 2017, I was reflecting back on my trip and asking others what they enjoyed the most. Several folks indicated they really liked the guest speakers. Guest speakers? My schedule was overbooked with appointments (not that I am complaining), but I really would have enjoyed listening to one of several high-profile speakers.

So, I did what anyone else would do – Google speakers at ICSC. I came across an article by Tom Yeatts from 2015. Tom shared his insights on attending a keynote from Peyton Manning – 2-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, and certain first ballot Hall of Fame inductee.

It turns out that many of the lessons shared by Mr. Manning have application today, probably more than ever. According to Mr. Yeatts article, Peyton Manning had 11 key lessons on leadership and winning. These include:

  • Have vision
  • Resist becoming too comfortable
  • Change the game
  • Move forward
  • Learn to thrive on discomfort
  • Devote yourself to meticulous preparation
  • Be teachable
  • Cultivate trust
  • Welcome change
  • Be an observer
  • Prioritize relationships


My favorite, of course, is “be teachable”. According to Yeatts article, Manning was quoted as sharing the following:

“Everyone, and I mean everyone, no matter how experienced or seasoned you are, needs a coach to continue to grow. Someone who has the capacity and the willingness to point out what works — but more candidly, what doesn’t work. I still want to be coached after 17 years. I actually get angry when I’m not coached. I want someone with the knowledge and insight to break down what I’m doing and to help me see things from a slightly different perspective. To take me back to the basics and rebuild from that foundation. In my opinion, as soon as someone stops wanting to be coached, taught or mentored, I think they’re in big trouble.”

I couldn’t agree more Peyton. And this says a lot coming from a long-suffering Jets fan.

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