How To Use Evernote As A CRE Productivity Tool

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Whether you are a new or seasoned broker, the Evernote app can help enhance the productivity of your CRE business. Keep reading to learn how this tool can help you streamline your workload.

In this article:

  1. Why CRE Professionals Need Evernote
  2. What Is Evernote?
  3. How to Use Evernote for Your CRE Business
    1. Make Notes for Specific Clients
    2. Clip Marketing Ideas You Find Online
    3. Share Documents and Information with Others
    4. Screenshot Receipts, Images, Text Messages, and More
    5. Auto-Sync Evernote to Copy Documents Stored in Your Computer
    6. Create Individual Notebooks
    7. Manage Appointments and Scheduling Effectively

How to Use Evernote to Increase CRE Business Productivity


Why CRE Professionals Need Evernote

I’m sure you know that note-taking and list-making are important tasks in CRE brokerage. Throughout the day, CRE professionals may find themselves:

  • Creating lists
  • Setting reminders
  • Jotting down important details
  • Scheduling property events

If you’re like many CRE brokers, you may also have a computer screen filled with sticky notes. Unfortunately, these notes are only as good as your organization system. Otherwise, vital information can get lost in the crowd.

Evernote can help you organize and become more productive in your CRE business as well as your personal life.

What Is Evernote?

Evernote is a computer program, or app, that allows you to capture notes and ideas and transform them into actions. The best thing about Evernote is you can access the data from your home PC, laptop, or other mobile devices.

Once you save them in Evernote, they go with you. You have no more sticky notes to worry about—ever.

You even have the option of sharing your notes with others. This comes in handy when you’re collaborating with colleagues on projects or presenting offers to other real estate agents and even clients.

You can even create notes for your business and personal needs like holiday shopping lists, grocery lists, important dates for family members, and more.

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How to Use Evernote for Your CRE Business

You can maximize Evernote in helping you become more effective in CRE. It can boost your productivity and efficiency by housing all the information you need in one place.

Here are a few ways Evernote can help you with productivity and effectiveness in running your CRE business:

1. Make Notes for Specific Clients

Use Evernote to combine photos with notes about specific features investors may find attractive.

2. Clip Marketing Ideas You Find Online

Did you find an important article online? Perhaps it’s more Massimo Group tips on how to grow your CRE business!

Whatever it is you find vital, you can snip and copy it into Evernote using the Web Clipper feature to return to when you have time to catch up on industry news. You may even find this feature helpful in advertising your properties and/or services.

3. Share Documents and Information with Others

Evernote allows you to keep your information private or share it with others. You can even choose to share specific documents with only a handful of people.

You can also set up a to-do list to send to associates to help them make their commercial properties more attractive to investors.

4. Screenshot Receipts, Images, Text Messages, and More

portrait businessman working on his tablet | How To Use Evernote As A CRE Productivity Tool | evernote

Documentation is a fundamental step for CRE brokers. You can use your device’s camera to take photos of receipts and store documents for reference.

Then you can save them in Evernote. This makes them searchable and easy to find later on.

Since you can bring Evernote with you, you can access the information you need anytime, anywhere.

5. Auto-Sync Evernote to Copy Documents Stored in Your Computer

This automates the process and, again, keeps all vital information in one location. This is outstanding for notes you take about real estate clients, properties you have on the market, and information about inspections, offers, and closing dates.

It’s also ideal for keeping important information for your household in one convenient, easily accessible location.

6. Create Individual Notebooks

Another useful feature Evernote offers is to sort your data. It allows you to keep all the information for specific clients or agents in one convenient location.

A notebook may have the following:

  • Property photographs
  • Inspection information and reports
  • Comparables or appraisal information
  • Market information
  • Area attractions
  • Selling points
  • Recommendations for sellers to improve properties for a faster lease
  • Pricing recommendations
  • Measurements
  • Upcoming open houses and events

With this feature, you can find all the relevant information about a specific property fast. You can then share it with both interested buyers and your sellers.

7. Manage Appointments and Scheduling Effectively

CRE professionals are always on the go. You sometimes have multiple property showings in a day.

It becomes more important for you to keep a tight grip on your schedule. After all, in this field, time is money.

You can learn how to use Evernote to help manage your schedule or appointments. You can also tag people who may have to be in the event or meeting such as your client, builder, or seller.


There’s a good reason why many CRE professionals now teach themselves how to use Evernote.

It lets you pull information from multiple sources into one convenient location. It helps you organize data into a meaningful and manageable system.

When you know how to use Evernote, you can access information through a variety of channels. This way, you can be productive whether you’re on the road, in the office, or at home.

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