I run a coaching company, so of course, we track everything with our coaching clients, but I also track key metrics myself.

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Our clients use our proprietary tool, Massimobile, to track their key business levers – such as prospecting, personal marketing, team building and pipeline, on a weekly basis. Likewise, I track our team’s weekly progress on similar metrics, such as team sales calls, proposals, contracts, marketing efforts and contract revenue.

Here are the 2 FREE tools:

1) Tally Counters

I personally like to keep score daily, via Tally Counters, a free app for my iPad, which I conveniently place right next to my phone for easy viewing.

tally counters

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I track daily metrics for a few reasons:

  • It allows me to focus on the important, business propelling activities
  • It allows me to track things I should not be doing, like “administrative tasks”
  • It allows me to accurately monitor my weekly progress, which I use to track my weekly progress on Massimobile, and
  • It is a daily reminder that I can improve

Note, my daily metrics are not the same as that of a commercial real estate broker, property manager or commercial mortgage broker. My metrics are reflective of my position in the organization.

Everyone can have their own daily metrics. Just make sure these metrics are helpful to you. The Tally Counters app allows you to display up to seven “counters”. Although this app does not provide the essential elements that Massimobile, or other third party apps do, but for a daily counter, it does the trick.

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2) Daily Tracker Worksheet

For a second, more rudimentary approach to tracking your daily metrics, download our free Daily Activity Tracker Worksheet. Keeping score on your daily tasks may not be rewarding, but the results of this simple practice are significant.


Remember, you don’t know if you are winning unless you keep score!

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2 Free Tools to Track Your Daily CRE Progress
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