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Real Estate Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

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Check out these witty real estate-inspired Halloween costumes ideas for adults to try this coming holiday.

8 Halloween Costumes Ideas for Adults Who Love Real Estate


1. Elizabeth Banks From Realtor.com App Commercials

We’re sure you’re familiar with the realtor.com app and how celebrity Elizabeth Banks loves it. This Halloween put on a blonde wig, wear a cute dress, download the realtor.com app, and go around the party talking about it. Your friends are sure to get a few laughs out of it. Plus, it’s also a subtle way of prospecting potential homebuyers.

2. Gary Keller


This coming Halloween, why not go as Gary Keller, founder of one of the largest real estate companies in the world by agent count. Gary Keller is an inspiring entrepreneur and best-selling author. As a realtor, you can learn quite a lot of tips from him. If you want to dress up as Gary Keller, all you’ll need is a black t-shirt, a mustache, and a copy of one of his books.

3. For-Sale Sign

If you really want to show your friends how passionate you are about real estate, why not go as a for-sale sign. Grab a large cardboard box, wrap it in white paper, and write the words “for sale” in bold. It’s one of the best funny Halloween costume ideas you can try out.

4. Phil Dunphy from Modern Family


If you want to dress up as a character everybody knows, try going as Phil Dunphy from the long-running American sitcom Modern Family. Wear a blazer, put on a realtor pin, and spout random “Phil’s-Osophies” every now and then in a low voice.

5. House Costume

Nothing says “I sell houses for a living” more than putting on a house costume. This is one of the best family-friendly Halloween costumes for you to try. Instead of crafting the costume on your own, make your kids, nephews, and nieces a part of it as well. You can even opt to make small house costumes for them.

6. Mortgage Payment Calculator

A mortgage payment calculator is a handy tool homeowners use to calculate their mortgage taxes. It might require a little work, but it’s sure to be a hit among your friends. Plus, it’s a great icebreaker to talk about mortgage taxes and home-buying with your friends without seeming too pushy.

7. T-Rex Trying to Sell a Home


Some time ago, real estate companies used the concept of animals selling homes in their marketing campaigns. A popular one was where a T-Rex was trying to sell a home. If you’re thinking of a funny and cute costume your friends will love, choose this one. Go to a nearby costume store, buy a dinosaur head, wear green clothes, and bring a dollhouse around with you.

8. Down Payment

A funny, simple, and easy Halloween costume idea would be to dress up as down payment. Grab a bunch of fake money, tape it to your shirt, and go around the party saying you’re a 20% down payment.

These are just some of the fun Halloween costumes ideas for adults who want to market themselves as realtors this coming holiday. Remember that your next buyer can come from anywhere. So it pays to be on your toes and meet as many people as you can. Just make sure not to focus too much on marketing, because you might end up annoying your friends and getting rejected instead.

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