Hosting Halloween Open Houses | How To Make It Work For You

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Is it possible to conduct open houses on Halloween? Yes. Here are some ways you may integrate your real estate marketing into this unlikely holiday.

How To Turn Open Houses Into A Halloween Attraction


Step 1: Invite people to a Halloween-themed open house

You may think that it’s not a good time to market your house and do an open house during a holiday — more so on Halloween. You may think that the only reason people visit other houses on Halloween is to attend parties or for trick-or-treats. In this case, why not make use of this celebration to invite people and attract potential real estate seekers and buyers?

Take this opportunity while people are in the mood to go house-to-house for parties and trick-or-treats. Post invitations online or create posters to call on people to check out your place for an open house — Halloween style. This idea would definitely make potential real estate buyers curious and excited at the same time.

Step 2: Decorate, but don’t go overboard

halloween foods on table | Hosting Halloween Open Houses | How To Make It Work For You

Since you’ve invited people on a Halloween open house, it’s time to turn the house into an attraction. Halloween is not your ordinary day for an open house, so make sure that your property lives up to the occasion. Put your creative mind to work so that the house would look and feel like it’s really Halloween.

But of course, keep in mind that your goal is to attract house buyers and not to scare them off. Don’t turn your home into something that would look haunted and very creepy. Go for cute decorations such as Halloween-themed table decors and curtains. The goal of an open house is to attract people, so make sure that the beauty of the real estate property will still resonate.

Step 3: Minimize clutter

Just like any other open house day, Halloween is not an exemption to clutter the house with too many decors. Your goal is to ensure that the beauty of the house — the style, architecture, space, rooms, etc. — will get noticed rather than what’s inside it.

Try to use holograms, for example, so that you don’t have to put too many decors at home. You may also play Halloween-themed songs while conducting room tours — just make sure it won’t scare off your potential clients. Give your visitors ideas with how much they can do with the property for Halloween and other occasions.

Step 4: Dress up, but be approachable

man in woman in costume welcome | Hosting Halloween Open Houses | How To Make It Work For You

How to host an open house, you may ask? To complete the experience for your potential visitors, dress up Halloween-style. Be in your best costume when you welcome visitors and tour them in your property. Your guests may make fun of you, but at least you’re in sync with the mood of the house. This way, it will make guests feel how fun and cool it is to be in your property.

Be in your best Halloween costume, but stay approachable and fun to talk with. You may dress up as Dracula or Morticia Addams, but just don’t be in character. You still have to connect with your guests and make them feel comfortable. Again, keep in mind you’re still hosting an open house and not a haunted house attraction at a theme park.

Step 5: Give out treats as marketing materials

Turn the open house into a marketing stunt for the house. You can give out candies and other goodies just like in your regular trick-or-treat. But since this is a different kind of open house, you may want to make some changes with your regular treats.

You can print out some contact details and use them as ribbons or wrappers for your candies. This will serve as your “flyers” that you can distribute to those who’ll attend the open house. Or, you can give these to kids who knock on the door for treats, and instantly you have a promotional material that the kids can give to their parents.


If you don’t know how to host an open house on a Halloween, these cool ideas from Insider might get you excited and in the mood to host one:

Halloween is a fun celebration that can be creatively integrated into an open house. Take on the challenge of hosting an open house during a holiday, and turn your typical real estate marketing event into an exciting and cool occasion.

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