Unfortunately, it is common place for our heroes to be found to have used illegal performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to get an edge on their competition. Lance Armstrong come to mind, how about Barry Bonds?

Generally, it’s some synthetic steroid or human growth hormone. However, what if I told you that there are three performance enhancing drugs for you to inject that is not illegal, but completely natural? I can unequivocally share with you I have seen it firsthand.

The 3 PEDs of CRE are simple, but certainly not easy to digest on a daily basis.

3 PEDs for CRE brokers

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Hard Work

Don’t assume you know what I am talking about. To consistently outperform their competition, top performers work their tails off. They work longer and smarter than their colleagues. They have the discipline and drive to get more out of each day.


If you are looking for the “secret sauce”, you are looking for a short cut; and there are no short cuts to success. In a culture that wants it all now, top producers have earned what they have achieved. If you want similar success you have to earn it, and that means committing to the long term, implementing processes—working on your business.

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Maybe the greatest performance enhancer is the ability to leverage the skills and talents of others. Admins, partners, research, marketing, colleagues and coaches. Top performers understand they cannot stay on top without the help of others.

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If you are looking for long term success with consistent results, make each of these supplements part of your daily routine. If you wish to learn more about how our coaching programs have proven to be the ultimate PED for our members, click here to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

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