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7 Steps to Navigating Your Commercial Real Estate Career

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Having worked with and/or studied over 1,000 personal commercial real estate business over the last 9 years, I continue to see patterns of success.  Likewise, I have identified the career pitfalls for individual commercial real estate brokers, agents, managers, mortgage brokers, and consultants.

There are both mindset and tactical obstacles along the CRE career path, each inevitably stunts the growth of personal careers.  Fortunately, there are proactive, purposeful steps anyone who is committed to their personal and professional growth.

The learn 7 essential steps to navigating your personal commercial real estate career click here.

If you want to accelerate your personal business – here are the steps, when committed to, that will help you navigate your growth.

  1. Look back – make a comprehensive analysis of your previous success and your current market position.
  2. Set a vision for yourself and your career.  Set 2 or 3 key initiatives, no more, to pursue.
  3. Establish a proactive time management approach, allowing you to be as productive as possible.
  4. Identify 2-3 specific approaches to creating a greater presence in your market, among the market’s key influencers
  5. Define your ideal client and establish a comprehensive prospecting campaign to reach these current prospects.
  6. Craft a unique value proposition, integrating your prior success, current offerings and your prospect’s motivation for change.
  7. Leverage the strengths of others all along the way.  Implement full-time, part-time, virtual, or project-oriented personnel to allow you to focus on what you do best.

Last week we initiated a new beta program, CRE Navigator, which integrates our flagship coaching content with a new delivery platform.  If you are interested, we would love to learn, what are the greatest challenges to your personal commercial real estate business growth.  If you would like to provide input, and possibly engage with this beta program, please contact us!

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