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7 Steps CRE Brokers Must Take Now for a Great 2018

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Want to make 2018 your best CRE year yet? Before the New Year arrives, you can take 7 critical steps to ensure you are the in the best position to maximize your time and your commissions in 2018. These 7 steps are essential to your planning for a great year, and once you have a plan in place  all you need to do is implement.

The good news is that you can complete these 7 steps in as little as 7 days, although it may take you longer. Ideally you will commit 1 to 2 hours a day (for the next week) to work on making 2018 your best CRE year yet.

The 7 key steps are as follows:

1. Transactional Review – Looking at your historical transactions, including open, closed, and even lost opportunities. Define the motivations, sources, average values, and stages of each. This will provide you incredible insight for both your prospecting, and personal marketing initiatives for 2018.

2. Activity Review – Conduct an honest review of your activities that generated your pipeline opportunities, inspect how often you prospected. How many calls did you attempt, how many did you complete? How many meetings did you secure? What about your marketing effortshow often did you network, send material, and leverage social media to create your personal presence?

3. Reflection – Look back and steps 1 and 2. Identify what met or exceeded your expectations and where you fell short.

4. Restriction – Look back at what did not meet your expectations, be open and honest with yourself. What is holding you back? Is it a bad team environment, a lack of true commitment on your end, or perhaps some mental block that needs to be released?

5. Reposition – Now that you understand where you have been, it’s time to set a new path for where you are going. You should set several goals at this point: a personal goal, self-development goal, mental goal, social goal, physical goal, and a financial goal.

6. Reaffirmation – Time to focus on the financial goals you have set and review and revise as necessary. In addition, you will narrow down your goals that have the greatest impact on your professional success.

7. Refinement – This is your chance to make your final adjustments to your key goals, and yes  commit to achieving them. Start building winning streaks at first, and be sure to share your goals with those who support you and have a positive influence on your life.

We are doing everything possible to assist you in making 2018 Your Best CRE Year Yet. Here are 3 opportunities for you to enhance these chances:

1. Join me as I interview Rick Lackey, Founder of Real Professionals Network. We will be discussing the current trends in major and secondary markets, and what this means to you. To register for this free webinar, which is being held on December 6 at 1:00 pm EST click here.

2. I will also be offering a free weekly webinar, every Thursday, starting on December 7th at 1:00 pm EST. This webinar, “18 Strategies to Maximizing Commissions in 2018” will be repeated each Thursday through January 11th – to register click here.

3. Finally, for those of you who are ready to transform your commercial real estate efforts into a thriving, consistently growing personal business. Click here to schedule a free consult call with one of our program consultants.

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