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5 Non-CRE Bloggers that Will Help Grow Your Commercial Real Estate Business

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At the Massimo Group our objective is to help every dedicated commercial real estate professional to escalate their business, either with our coaching programs or on their own.

We recognize some of the greatest commercial real estate business building ideas come from outside the commercial real estate industry. In fact, I spend at least 60 minutes every day in the car, at my desk, or during a workout; listening to some incredible thought leaders – in hopes of igniting an idea that I can share with my team, our member/clients, or implement myself. These ideas address health, technology, leadership, and most importantly – strategy.

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Over the years I have listened to scores of folks, but time and time again there are a handful of bloggers/vloggers/YouTubers I consume every week – if not every day. Here are my 5-favorite (non-commercial real estate) thought leaders, at least for this month. 🙂 Please note this is in no particular order, as each provides a different bend for your personal and professional growth.

1) Gary Vaynerchuk, #AskGaryVee 

If you haven’t heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, you are behind the 8-ball on where the market, and your competition is headed. He is the college kid who grew his parents $3 million wine business into a $60 million-dollar enterprise, and then leveraged his lessons to build Vayner Media. Now, he spends his time capturing fortune 500 companies as clients. I could do without all the f-bombs, however I can’t do without my daily dose of Gary Vee.

2) Mike Hyatt, Your Virtual Mentor

Best-selling author of Platform: Get noticed in a noisy world. Not only is his content great, but if you carefully watch how he has grown his community over the years (from approaches, to offerings, to the partners he aligns with) you will be able to identify some avenues to grow your own practice.

3) Amy Porterfield

Starting as the Director of Content Development for Tony Robbins, she then co-authored Facebook for Dummies, and is now considered a guru of all things digital. She is like a little sister that you are very comfortable with, and also very proud of. If you want to get your content out, and be sure to get it out the best way, Amy has a course for you.

4) Tim Ferriss, Five Day Bullet

He originally hit a grand-slam with his international bestseller, The 4-Hour Work Week; following that he wrote a series of books on short cuts to cooking, health, leadership, and everything in between. He is a self-imposed Guinea Pig, performing a variety of experiments on himself to test the limits of his body and mind.

5) Darren Hardy, Darren Daily 

Darren Hardy is the former editor of Success Magazine. The Darren Daily is certainly the most positive of all those I’ve listed here. Albeit, it can get a little sugary at times, but I love to surround myself with positive reinforcement and a quick dose of Darren in the morning – it’s a great way to start the day.

There you go. 5 non-commercial real estate thought leaders that can help you propel your commercial real estate business!

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