This past Friday, I spoke with my coach – yes, of course I have a coach; in fact, I have two – I can’t run a coaching company without getting coached myself – sorry I digress. As I was sharing with you, I was speaking with my coach and he asked me what my priority was for the day.

So I outlined my ten priorities for the day. I generally have 4 strategic items (working on the business), 3 more transactional/business items (working in the business) and 3 personal items (the reasons I am in business) on a daily basis. In fact, this is the same allocation and only items on my daily to do list.

My coach quickly reiterated his original question, “what is your priority?” Yep, he got me. He reminded me that the word “priority” was never meant to be plural. The word “priorities” wasn’t used until well into the twentieth century. The true meaning of “priority” has been lost.

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For example, right now your priority is reading this blog post; you are working on your business. Two minutes from now, your priority will change. You may decide to make some prospect calls, work on a new marketing campaign or go home and take your loved one out for a romantic meal. Each a valuable priority.

The beauty of accepting that you only have one priority at any given time, will afford you the realization of how valuable your time truly is. It allows you to become more productive, more strategic and more involved.

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My #1 priority now is emailing this blog to my team for review and posting. My next #1 priority is to hang out with my family and I think I will focus on that priority for the rest of the night.

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