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Operating Your Personal Commercial Real Estate Marketing Division

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In our recent blogs I shared how we work with our commercial real estate coaching clients in building their personal commercial real estate business.  We instill the perspective that each is his/her own Chief Executive Officer of their own business.  Yes, you are the CEO of Me, Inc.  And as the CEO, just like the CEO of Amazon, Facebook or any other company you can think of, including your own brokers’, you have five divisions to support your pursuit of profits.

These five divisions include: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Human Resources.

[Tweet “Marketing sets the tone for all other divisions in your personal company.”]

Your marketing consists of your advertising, promotional, networking and digital efforts.  Marketing sets the tone for all other divisions in your personal company.  Marketing reflects the value of you and your organization, the value to your prospects who are considering your services.

As I noted in my initial blog of this series, you must implement each of these five divisions in your personal commercial real estate practice.  Missing one of these essential elements could potentially stop your business and you from growing and ultimately producing profit.  However, there is no chance for profit, unless you have sales; and there is little chance of sales, without marketing.

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Marketing consists of all essential elements of your personal promotion.  Your marketing division is essentially your presence plan.

3 Components of Your Marketing Division

  1. Personal networking efforts – meals, tradeshows; just plain old showing up and being seen.
  2. Physical mailings – both property and non-property centric
  3. Digital activities – emails, blasts, social media, etc.

Designed correctly, your marketing division will drive the sales for your personal commercial real estate practice.

In our subsequent blogs we will explore the remaining three divisions more in depth. For now, download this free Personal CRE Business Org Chart to outline the key elements of your business.  We will give you all you need to complete this chart in the final blog post of this series.

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For more information on building a sustainable commercial real estate business while gaining margin in your life for the things that matter most, schedule a free consultation with us. We would like to talk with you and share how our process will create a platform for consistently generating higher income and in less time. Our proven process has resulted in our coaching clients consistently out-earning their commercial real estate peers by 7X.


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