How to stand out from your CRE competitors

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Letters work.


Because none of your competitors are using them!

When you write the letter correctly, they will get read, and you will get known.

I’m not talking about flyers or just leased/sold letters (I’m assuming you’re already doing those).

I’m talking about writing letters that transform you from a commodity to a valuable resource.

In this video, I explain the second section of the Massimo Presence Pyramid™ and show you how to transform your business from being a commodity to being known as a valuable resource to your prospects.

Here’s what we cover:

1: Your physical presence — the second element of the Massimo Presence Pyramid™

2: How to differentiate yourself from your competitors

3: Why letters work (not just the just leased/sold letters)

4: Why you need to identify the top 100 people that have the greatest impact on your success

5: Who you should be sending letters to each week


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Let’s move forward!

Rod Santomassimo

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