Most commercial real estate brokers and agents struggle. Heck, the majority of professional sales people struggle. It’s just a simple fact. But it is also a relative term. You may consider your personal commercial real estate practice average, compared to that of a market leader.

About 6 years ago I wrote my first of (now) 3 books — Brokers Who Dominate, the 8 Traits of Top Producers. The book, fortunately, remains a top seller in commercial real estate circles. Possibly because many brokers and agents wish to go from working on the transaction treadmill (you know, that place of always being busy but never really growing anywhere), to a position of consistent production with more margin in their lives. If this describes you, we invite you to join us for a 2-day powerhouse prospecting workshop — click here to learn more!

More times than not, struggling commercial real estate brokers and agents are characterized by several of these traits:

1. Lack of discipline. Inconsistent prospecting and no adherence to mastering a calendar.
2. Focus on the commission. This blurs the significance of the client relationship, future referrals, testimonials, and same client assignments.
3. Being invisible. Relying solely on the firm’s market presence.
4. Absence of market focus. Positioned as a generalist in a world seeking expertise.
5. Nomad career path. Jumping from one firm to the next without consideration of long-term goals.
6. Passive, aggressive – not assertive. Naturally uncomfortable asking for business.
7. Alone. Trying to be an expert in everything in a market full of strong teams.
8. Employee mindset. Yet working in the most entrepreneurial industry in the world?

As you can see, addressing these issues is not hard, but implementing solutions that have a high, consistent, impact can be complex.

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