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The 5 P’s to Commercial Real Estate Success

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When I was young, my mom forced me to eat peas. I don’t like peas. Yes they are nutritious, full of vitamins and essential stuff, but for me, far from delicious. Some peas are simply harder to swallow than others.

When it comes to commercial real estate, it is also essential that you take your peas, or in our case your “P’s”. When you look at top performers, you quickly recognize that they implement a daily regimen of P’s. Here are the top five P’s that every commercial real estate professional should follow if they want to grow up to be big and strong, or more applicably, become a top producer in their respecting market.

  1. Planning – need I say more? You can’t simply “wing it to win it”.
  2. Prospecting – you cannot “tweet” your way to long term success.
  3. Presence – #2 and #3 complement one another. They are, not opposites. There is no greater force for securing new business and for clients to find you than the synergistic meshing of prospecting with presence.
  4. Performance – it’s great to plan (#1), but you won’t produce without performing the tactics and strategies outlined in your plan.
  5. Persistence – There is a fine line between persistence and a pain in the butt, but very few brokers come close to ever crossing it. Push the envelope, without becoming the pain.

Practice the 5 aforementioned P’s and you will find you will more easily acquire the most important P of all… production.

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