Have you created social media accounts because you felt you had to, not because you understand its impact on your commercial real estate marketing and sales efforts? And do you question social media’s value because you don’t see the results?

I was the same way.

My opinion on social media and its impact on commercial real estate marketing changed, however, when I did these two things.

  1. I took the time to really look at how social media benefits each stage of the sales and marketing cycle. And . . .
  2. I applied tried-and-true marketing principles to turn my social media into a useful marketing tool.

How Social Media Benefits Each Stage of the
Sales and Marketing Cycle

[Tweet “Social media is about sharing relevant content and nurturing relationships online”]

Social media is all about sharing relevant content and nurturing relationships online, and it benefits each stage of your customer’s experience.


If the piece of content you share is valuable to your audience, there will be proof of this. It’s called “Social Proof”– the amount of interactions an article has on social media, which equates to votes of confidence. Search engines are now using Social Proof to measure high quality content. It makes sense. If people like your content, they will be attracted to and engage with it.


If your content is relevant it will spark your prospect’s interest, and links used in your social media posts will drive them to related content, initiating the conversion process.


If you have effectively attracted and engaged people with useful content, you’ve begun to win their trust and earned the right to sell directly. You will now be in a better position to provide an offer to which they will be receptive.


One of social media’s strengths is the ability to create and foster 1-to-1 relationships. Use social media to listen to conversations in order to offer real-time customer service.

[Tweet “Use social media to listen to conversations in order to offer real-time customer service.”]

How to Make Social Media a Useful
Commercial Real Estate Marketing Tool

By applying tried-and-true marketing principles to your social media, you can make it a very effective sales and marketing tool.
Remember, your marketing shouldn’t revolve around pushing your service, and your social media shouldn’t either.

[Tweet “Establish yourself as a resource & thought leader; share content focused on your customers’ needs”]

  • Focus on the needs of your customers. Social media shouldn’t revolve around you, but around engagement with your followers.
  • Establish yourself as useful resource and thought leader and share content from your professional network; share content that they would find helpful!
  • Your effectiveness on social media will relate directly to how relevant your posts are to your audience. Like any good sales and marketing effort, it’s about the value you add to your customers and prospects.

Apply these points to your social media efforts and you’ll add real value to your commercial real estate marketing. How do you use social media in your commercial real estate prospecting and marketing practice? Let us know.

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