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The #1 Thing Holding Top Producers Back from Greater Success

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Last week we introduced the top two challenges that are most likely holding you back from your personal CRE business success. The first challenge was that you were stuck; you hit a plateau.  If this is you, please visit our previous blog for solutions to move your business forward.

The second key challenge to your CRE success is that you are actually drowning in your own success.

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You made it.  You are successful.  You have good deal flow, more leads, more clients, and more referrals. You are doing more business than ever before and the only thing you don’t have is a life! Unfortunately, your problem is that you are not creating a business, you are just creating more work for yourself.  You don’t know where your time goes and you can’t recognize how to remove yourself from this velocity of work without losing the bulk of your business.

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I have been there.  When the Massimo Group started to take off I had all the clients I could handle, but I was also concerned with keeping our pipeline full, so I was also focused on finding and winning new opportunities.  I felt if I stopped, the earth would open and my company would fall into a dark abyss.  I was exhausted, I was stressed. I barely saw my family and I was…. unhappy.  I was drowning in my own success.  I was getting everything I worked so hard for, but not what I wanted the most.  I wanted to be in control, but my dream became nothing more than a job.  And my job controlled me.

I recognized I had to change.  I needed to rethink my role in the company, how I spent my time and where I spent it.  I had to let go and empower the right people to do the things to free me from working those long hours.  I had to focus on only what I truly enjoyed doing and where my individual skill set was best utilized for me and my team.

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If you are a top producer and you are really raking in revenue and have more opportunities and work than you know what to do with, but you are too busy to enjoy the fruits of your labor, well you got yourself in this position, and you, in your current form, won’t get yourself out. You’ve got to change. You have to implement alternative strategies and tactics.

We would like to help.  If you would like to learn more, click the button below and tell us what your greatest challenge is today, and we will send you a free recording sharing ways to remove that obstacle from your road to greater success.

A Solution to Your Greatest CRE Challenge

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