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4 Elements to a Winning Property Management Pitch

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There are so many advantages to offering property management services as part of your portfolio of commercial real estate services. The more obvious is, unlike brokerage income, property management income is consistent and predictable. Additionally, property management assignments, when combined with leasing and sales services, offers a potential and highly-desired “cradle to grave” revenue stream.

Winning Real Estate Property Management Pitches Effortlessly

Capitalizing On The Real Estate Property Management Wave

There are scores of articles on how industry leaders are “cautiously optimistic” about the remainder of transaction velocity, not really providing warm and fuzzies. This is a great time to grow or simply start your property management division and begin to reinforce your commercial real estate service’s future income streams.

As attractive as property management contracts are, they are as competitive to secure. There are 4 keys to each separating yourself and securing these revenue-enhancing service agreements.

1) Know Who You are Pitching and Who Influences These Decision Makers

If you pitch to private owners, they are certainly influenced by their spouse, partners, tenants, bank, and others.

2) Know Each Decision Maker and Each Influencer’s Key Issues

Know Each Decision Maker and Each Influencer's Key Issues | Real Estate Property Management | How To Win Your Pitches | real estate

For the decision maker, these will include profitability and consistent returns in the short term, value creation over the long term, liability risk, safety of occupants and property employees, and many other issues.

3) Know the Impact of Each Issue On Each Decision Maker and Influencer

For example, the private owner who is facing a liability risk wants to be confident that the manager is actively managing risk and reacting to changing requirements and conditions. The owner wants to be confident that catastrophic risks are covered under current policies.

4) Know the Right Questions To Ask During Your Pitch

Your questions should not only be directed to the owner but also to his/her influencers. Fact questions should be limited, as if you ask too many, because it shows you did not do your homework. Ask more open-ended questions and get the conversation rolling.

Securing property management contracts is very similar to winning tenant representation or exclusive sales listing presentations. Each has a distinct format proven to work.


Got less than 15 seconds for your real estate property management pitch? This video from Forbes teaches you all you need to know for an elevator pitch:


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 19, 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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