The Wealthy CRE Broker Doesn’t Run on the Transaction Treadmill

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Wealthy commercial real estate agents, associates, advisors, and brokers – don’t think lineally. They think exponentially. Average CRE folks think about the next deal, the next opportunity, and ultimately survive on the transaction treadmill.

The problem with the transaction treadmill is that it doesn’t grow anywhere. No typo there. Not only is the treadmill stationary, so is the career path of those that focus solely on the transaction.

Wealthy commercial real estate professionals grow beyond the transaction. While the wealthy commercial real estate professionals complete many transactions, it is only part of their journey to building greater personal margin in their lives. That’s right, more money with less effort.

Wealthy commercial real estate professionals also structure their business and financial components to insure they keep a greater share of their hard earned commissions than their average income peers.

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