Our 5 Most Read Blogs of 2016 to Move Your CRE Business Forward

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It’s been a great year! As we move forward, it is important to look back on what resonated most with our readers, just as it is critical for you to reflect on what resonated with your clients.

So, when my team suggested we share our top 5 blog posts in 2016, I was all in.

I’m proud to present: Our 5 Most Read Blogs of 2016 to Move your CRE Business Forward.

My team tells me they can quickly determine the most read and most shared blogs from the over 150 we shared. These were authored by a few of our 20 outstanding CRE coaches, some guest bloggers and I wrote over the year. What I find interesting is, of course, the subject lines that get the most attention. I suggest you also find out which of your emails seems to hit a cord with your prospects.

Which episodes made the cut?

1) 3 Biggest Mistakes Brokers Make When Cold Calling

This blog, written by one of our more seasoned coaches, Doug Molyneaux, explores some of the experiences he has had during his development days when working with commercial real estate brokers.

2) How to Make Social Media a Useful Commercial Real Estate Marketing Tool

Special guest blogger, and Marketing Strategist, Greg Schraff, shares the best approaches for using social medial to build your commercial real estate business.

3) The #1 Reason You Strike Out When Prospecting

In this blog I highlight the main issue holding most commercial real estate professionals back. Remember, you aren’t playing baseball, we are pursuing clients.

4) The 3 Ways to Build Your Prospecting Database

Massimo Group Executive Vice President, Bo Barron, outlines 3 common ways to build one of the most powerful assets you have – your database. Bo also provides 7 possible resources for option number 1.

5) Why Duke Long is Wrong and, Worse, Continues to Support that Horrible CRE Word

Don’t judge a blog by its title. This one is not what you think. I share my thoughts on one of our industry’s most recognized bloggers and specifically one word he noted in this particular take.

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