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1. The 17 Rules of Email Etiquette

Good business email etiquette can help boost productivity, maintain good relationships, and get a point across. Follow these email tips to up your inbox game… Click to read more

2. Think My LoopNet Blog Hit a Nerve? Oh Boy, Did It Ever!

A look into the current LoopNet concerns, reactions, and alternative online real estate marketplaces to consider… Click to read more

3. Commercial Real Estate Marketing | How To Become Top Of Mind

One can never stress enough the significance of commercial real estate marketing. The different touch points can create a collective experience, which then plays a huge role in the final choice of the consumers. To understand the concept better, read on to learn more about the customer’s decision journey… Click to read more

4. CRE Broker Best Practices – “The 50/50 Rule”

The following is about the best practices of CRE, and is a posting from our guest blogger, Brad Umansky, President of Progressive Real Estate and Author of “Value Added – Successful Strategies for Listing & Selling Investment Real Estate.” Brad was profiled in the best-selling book, Commercial Real Estate Brokers Who Dominate, for his excellence in the profession… Click to read more

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