How to Make This Week Your Most Productive Week Ever

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Every day is an opportunity to move your business forward.  As much as “simply showing up” is a nice start, showing up with a plan is proven to have longer, more satisfying results.  Personally I know what my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday look like before the week even starts.

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Each late Sunday afternoon/early evening, I take about 30 minutes to plan out my week.  I go through a specific process to verify my week is set for success.

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  1. Review my annual goals

  2. Look at my weekly schedule and confirm the scheduled meetings are supporting my goals.  If so, be sure to confirm each meeting at least one day in advance, if not, reschedule meetings till a later time.

  3. Review my daily tasks scheduled for the week.  Follow the same validation against annual goals

  4. Share my revised/confirmed schedule and tasks with my team

  5. Allocate the time on my calendar, the people on my team and the resources necessary to progress towards my goals.

Then I go out and do everything I can to stay on schedule. Go out and kick some butt.  Don’t let anything get in your way that doesn’t impact your goals.

Good luck to you today, tomorrow and every day this week!

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