My 5 Goals for 2016

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In my last blog for 2015, I shared with you that one proven step to achieving your goals is to simply share your goals with the right people. They are your supporters, your fans and those positive people in your life. They will be the ones to motivate you when you are not progressing as planned and remind you of the vision you set out for yourself and be enthusiastic when you reach your destination.

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If you haven’t already set goals for 2016, check out our goal setting course, 7 Days to Your Best CRE Year Yet.

Whenever I share my goals I actually feel more pressure to achieve them. I don’t want to let my supporters and influencers see me fail. I don’t want to fail for me or for them. Thus this year, I am going to share with you, yes all our readers, my professional goals for 2016. Talk about pressure!

First, I have several personal goals and they are rightfully centered around family, friends, and self-development. When it comes to professional goals, I generally like to establish 3 to 5 big goals for every year. I say to myself “Wouldn’t it be great when…” (never “if”). This approach allows me to set a vision on what is possible and the motivation to make it happen.

Here are my 5 “Wouldn’t it be great when” goals for 2016:

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1) Launch Massimo 2.0 by March 31

Our coaching programs have created fantastic results for our clients, in fact, our clients had a record year in 2015. But I know we can do more. Massimo 2.0 will require a significant investment in our technology, yet will provide greater focus on our proven pillars of success and integrate several channels for greater delivery, mobility and ultimately, income for our clients.

2) Hold 2 live national events

  • CRE Brokerage Owners Success Summit (CRE-BOSS), which will focus on today’s challenges and opportunities for brokerage owners and managers.
  • Massimo Immersion, a 2-day live event for mid-career and seasoned veteran producers which will provide a forum of talent for attendees and facilitators alike.

3) Expand Massimo University

Our University, which launched early 2015, will expand beyond the current and planned video course work and include live events, webinars, and white papers focused on maximizing the production of commercial real estate professionals.

4) Formalize Massimo Consulting

In 2015, we were engaged by several large national brokerage offices and independent boutique firms to assist in a variety of issues including team assessments, market positioning, management and producer recruiting, succession planning, general sales team management and so much more. My goal is to formalize our consulting practices and team, and greatly expand our services to the commercial real estate industry.

5) Leverage the success of my books

I have been fortunate in that both my books Brokers Who Dominate and Teams Built to Dominate became #1 best-sellers on We have already secured several keynote addresses for 2016, and have set a program to expand these opportunities.

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Again, I share this with you simply to push me and our organization to make it happen. Will I achieve each of these goals?   Maybe, but the likelihood is greater now that I shared them. Am I providing our competitors with an inside look by publicizing these goals? Well, maybe that is true as well. However, I have learned not to focus on competitions, but on our clients.

Your competitors have a plan on taking market share from you in 2016. As the great philosopher Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan – that’s until they get hit”. Your goals, like mine, are just that – plans. Now we have to make them happen! There is no better time to start than today.

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Registration to 7 Days to Your Best CRE Year Yet is now closed. We will be offering this program again in December of 2016. Please let us know if you would like to be notified when registration opens again!

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