9 Ways To Sell On The Internet

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Listed below are 9 simple tips to sell commercial real estate properties on the internet.

In this article:

  1. Set Up Your Social Media Account
  2. Create Your Own Mobile-Friendly Website
  3. Take Advantage of Google Analytics
  4. Be Active in Different Property Listing Websites
  5. Participate in Property Listing Forums
  6. Go Creative with Internet Multimedia
  7. Place Pop-Ups in Different Websites
  8. Publish Your Articles on Other Websites
  9. Create a Commercial Real Estate Blog


9 Simple Ways to Sell CRE Online


1. Set Up A Social Media Account

One of the most effective methods of internet marketing is through social media. Social media sites are internet users’ most frequently visited online sites. This means that photos of your properties here are more accessible to potential buyers.

You can get creative with your accounts. Upload different photos and short videos to engage viewers.

To make posts user-friendly, you may include your contact information in the captions. Also, don’t forget to link your social media platforms to your website and property listing pages.

Another way to maximize your social networking is through internet ads. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube offer ad services that you can avail at affordable rates.

2. Create Your Own Mobile-Friendly Website

start a blog | Ways To Sell On The Internet | the internet

In the advent of smartphones, many internet users visit websites through mobile devices alone. So, this means that a potential buyer will likely visit your website using a mobile device, too.

A mobile-friendly website enables any device, such as a mobile phone, to easily access and navigate through its tabs. Google strongly recommends utilizing a mobile-friendly internet site or a responsive web design.

Different statistics also show that responsive websites are proven to be more effective in selling online. Big brands and other tech giants have already switched to having a responsive web design.

Having a mobile compatibility view of a desktop site also means being user-friendly to website visitors. This may help retain your customers’ engagement, too.

3. Take Advantage of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that can give you internet statistics along with other web analytical tools. You can utilize these for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other marketing or advertising purposes.

It is also a free service. But if you exceed its limits, Google may ask you to upgrade to a premium version.

Google Analytics may help you with assessing your customers’ online behavior. And, through its SEO service tools, you can study how to land on Google’s top results and reach potential buyers faster.

4. Be Active in Different Property Listing Websites

internet community | Ways To Sell On The Internet | online marketing

To sell better online, you can set up property listing accounts on different websites such as RealMassive or 42 Floors. To boost your business’ ratings, ask for online reviews from your clients, too.

When posting commercial real estate listings, it is important to describe the property features. It is also equally important to mention what the immediate vicinity is like and the amount of traffic that could potentially bring in customers for your clients.

You can upload these narrations in your properties’ photo captions. This will help the potential buyers assess if the property is suitable for their business’ needs.

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5. Participate in Property Listing Forums

One way to subtly sell online is by being active on commercial real estate forums. Your sales and social media teams can answer CRE related questions as part of advertising.

And then, after answering questions, your teams can post your companies’ contact information and property listings. Through this, people will get to know about your company while learning valuable commercial real estate advice.

6. Go Creative with Internet Multimedia

use multimedia | Ways To Sell On The Internet | the internet

Internet videos can serve as a virtual tour for clients. These videos give potential buyers a better idea of what the property looks like.

Aside from hiring a videographer, you can also get a professional photographer, too. Aesthetically pleasing photos can boost world wide web appeal as well.

You can upload 3D photos and drone shots showcasing the properties’ features in your online pages. You can also opt to include photos of the properties’ immediate vicinity, too.

You can upload these multimedia materials online. You can also upload the videos on different video streaming websites, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

7. Place Pop-Ups in Different Websites

Another way to market online is through pop-ups. These may seem annoying to internet visitors, but different reports show that they are proven to be effective in increasing online conversations.

There are different internet tools you can use to create pop-ups. You can use these pop-ups to redirect website users to your website.

You can also utilize pop-ups to encourage them to sign up for your company newsletter or answer quick surveys.

8. Publish Your Articles on Other Websites

Another way to market and sell online is to publish articles in news or blog websites. You can submit articles that highlight your properties’ features to news outlets, subject to service or promotional fees.

You can also invite different bloggers to post about your properties. They can be commissioned to create a blog post or a vlog about your property in different social media platforms.

These posts could attach a direct link to your website and property listings. You could also republish their posts on your online pages as features, too.

News outlets and bloggers can help you reach brand awareness faster through word-of-mouth. With their help, you can spread information about your properties to your target market faster.

9. Create a Commercial Real Estate Blog

commercial real estate | Ways To Sell On The Internet | the internet

One way to attract customer engagement on the internet is by creating your own blog where you can share some commercial real estate tips.

Different professionals such as CRE brokers can pool and answer questions. These can spark more conversations online from like-minded people who are looking for online commercial real estate consultations.

People will also see that your commercial real estate agents are very knowledgeable, and therefore worth their trust. It gives them the impression that you are not just concerned about selling, but also about their welfare as well.


Hopefully, if you put these 9 ideas into action, you will be well on your way to successfully selling and marketing commercial real estate properties online.

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