How to handle clients with unrealistic expectations

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Every real estate deal is different.

And contrary to popular belief, the probability of closing does not get better with time!

In today’s video, we’re going over how to handle the worst scenario — when you’re under contract and negotiating, but there’s a low probability of closing.

You enter this stage when you have unmotivated/unrealistic sellers or non-qualified buyers.

These are the folks who drain every ounce of your emotional energy and waste invaluable time.

When you get to this stage, you only have 2 choices — either show them the light or show them the door (yes, you can fire your clients!).

Here’s what we cover:

1: With fresh new clients, you’re excited! But it’s important to slow down and make sure you qualify these prospects.

2: With past clients, it’s still exciting! But it’s also familiar, and easy to make incorrect assumptions. Make sure you verify the specifics of your transactions.

3: Why top producers never expend energy on clients with unrealistic expectations. Instead, they control the pace and their clients’ expectations.

4: What to do if the market shifts during negotiations or any time before the transaction closes.

5: How to rectify deals with unmotivated/unrealistic sellers and non-qualified buyers.


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