How to Secure Repeat Clients

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Aren’t repeat clients the best?

They already know, like, and trust you — so it feels like a guaranteed close.

Until you show up for your meeting…  And you see your competition in the lobby!

You thought you were going to your client’s office to discuss a done-deal…

Now you have to wing an entire presentation AND compete against your biggest rivals.

This is why you need to verify.

Verify. Verify. Verify.

Today’s Massimo Minute is all about identifying and verifying what your client needs for this specific transaction.

Here’s what we cover

1: The questions you need to ask to qualify your prospects (including past clients)

2: Verifying — the second quadrant of the Massimo Opportunity Matrix

3: Why you should assume nothing.

4: How to show past clients that you’ve grown and improved since your last transaction


Learn how to qualify the prospects in your pipeline: The #1 Reason Your Deals Will Not Close

If you’re looking for new ways to engage past clients, reserve your seat at Massimo Immersion – Your Prospecting Playbook (This will be our first and ONLY live event on the West Coast during 2019).

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