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10 Tips On How To Get Leads To Call Back

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Every CRE professional wants to know how to get leads to call back. When a client isn’t returning your calls, it’s always a cause for concern. Here we made a list of tips you can use to get your leads to reach out back to you. Read on and see how they can help you convert leads to clients.

How To Get Leads To Call Back | Securing Prospects


1. Don’t Wait Too Long To Follow Up

Don't Wait Too Long To Follow Up | Tips On How To Get Leads To Call Back | how to get a client to call you back

One of the common mistakes business development teams make is they wait too long to follow up with their leads. When a prospect won’t return calls, there’s always the issue of following up with them.

Always get back to a lead as soon as possible. Your leads are high-profile clients that don’t really have a lot of time. What they do have, however, are a ton of other options. If you want to secure a lead, don’t wait too long to make a follow-up call. Try not to wait for a week; a day or two at least should be your standard.

2. Leave A Message

When you call a client back, make sure to leave a message on how you found their number. This gives them a reference point to ask about how reliable your CRE services are. In that vein, make sure to also leave a value proposition with them. This will help them make the crucial decision of whether or not to award you with their contract. This is an essential step in figuring out how to get a client to call you back.

3. Ask About When To Call

Ask About When To Call | Tips On How To Get Leads To Call Back | prospect won’t return calls

On your first meeting with your leads, make sure to ask them when the best time for calls should be. Your leads have a lot on their plate, so make sure to reach them at their convenience. As always, do not call a client at an ungodly hour. Doing this will really hurt your standing with their company. It’s the little things like this that add up to build trust in your company.

4. Learn Their Names

Everyone — and we mean everyone — loves hearing their name. Know your client’s full names beforehand. And, of course, learn how to say their names properly. Learning the correct way to pronounce your clients’ names will pay off. This is especially important if you are dealing with foreign clients. Look for how to pronounce their names online. You can Google pretty much anything these days, even how to pronounce people’s names.

5. Have A Website Ready

Have A Website Ready | Tips On How To Get Leads To Call Back | client isnt returning your calls

Does your company have a website yet? If not, you may have difficulty figuring out how to get leads to call back. Having a website that displays company information and value proposition is key to having a social presence online. This cuts down on a lot of needless meetings discussing your services. It also gives potential clients a baseline on what your company’s capabilities are.

6. Call To Actions Are Very Important

Learn to always give your leads a call to action every time you communicate with them. Call to actions are what you want to have if you want to know how to get leads to call back. There are creative ways to reach prospects. A simple, “We’d love to talk more about this, when are you free?” or “We’d like to make this happen for you, so please let us know when you are available!” works wonders for client relations. If they see how eager you are to help them out, they’re more likely to call back.

7. Have A Script, Stick To It

Have A Script, Stick To It | Tips On How To Get Leads To Call Back | prospect won’t return calls

Your lead has called back. A meeting has been set up. Are you ready for the pitch? Write down a script about everything you need to present to your potential client. Review it thoroughly, and have it checked by other pairs of eyes. Memorize your script and be ready for any questions they may have. Having a cohesive and concise presentation gives the client an idea of how your company behaves during a contract.

8. Make A Personal Connection

It’s true that everything you do for your leads is all about business. However, many people forget that real people with real concerns lead businesses. Therefore, making personal, emotional connections with your leads and clients can do wonders for your business. Add touches of personal connection to your messages, such as “Hope you get well soon,” or, “Looking forward to discussing this over cocktails!” Make them feel like you care, and they’ll be a lot more easygoing with you and your business.

9. Discuss The CE In-Depth

Discuss The CE In-Depth | Tips On How To Get Leads To Call Back | how to get a client to call you back

Clients will ask you why you came up with your price. Do not be afraid to discuss your cost estimate with them as long as it takes. However, you have to find a way to justify your costs. Commercial real estate is an expensive industry, and it’s understandable why clients might be a bit cautious with their money. It helps if you mention your relevant experience, showing them that their money will be well-spent.

10. You’re Here To Help

Clients and leads might look at CRE firms and think that you want to give them subpar service for an absurd fee. Assure them that this is not, and never will be, the case. Emphasize to your leads that you are there to help and that your advice comes for free. Put them at ease and watch them warm up to you — and perhaps, be open to a bit more upselling.

Check out this video and learn some tips on how to get leads to call back:

Now you know how to get leads to call you back. Leads will call back if you perform your due diligence. Remember, you are doing a service, and they are your customers. Taking care of your leads means taking care of potential clients, and, of course, your income. Take these tips to heart and you’ll be watching your business grow exponentially in no time.

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