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CRE – The Ultimate YouEconomy

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During my flight this past week, I had the opportunity to read my favorite magazine, Success, which included one of the better articles I have read in some time “The YouEconomy”.

The YouEconomy is an economy based on the individual and the leveraging of the individual’s skills. The YouEconomy provides a platform for the growing number of “non-employees” who are adding tremendous value to organizations. According to this article, the YouEconomy can be segmented into five segments.

5 Segments of the YouEconomy

1) The Independent Contractors (36%)

Traditional freelancers who work on a project by project basis. This is where most commercial real estate professionals fit.

2) Diversified Workers (26%)

People who mix work styles, both employees and some freelance work.

3) Moonlighters (25%)

People with traditional jobs who mix in freelance work on the side.

4) Temporary Workers (9%)

People who work for one employer for a finite period of time.

5) Micro-Entrepreneurs (5%)

People who operate a business with one to five employees, often working on a virtual basis and including direct sellers. This is actually the Massimo Group model.

you economy

This is not only the world we live in today, but as stated in this article, economist Paul Zane Pilzer projects 50% of our workforce will be composed of the YouEconomy participants by the year 2020.

So, as a commercial real estate professional, how can you leverage the YouEconomy?

More than likely you are an independent contractor – the largest segment of the YouEconomy. And as an independent contractor, you are the founder, president, CEO, and Chief Kamehameha of your own business, which means you too will be leveraging other segments of the YouEconomy.

Your bookkeeper may be an Independent Contractor, or a Moonlighter, or even a Micro-Entrepreneur. This is also true with your research department, your individual sales folks, your marketing team and your admin help.

For many successful commercial real estate professionals, they are already including these YouEconomy participants in their everyday lives. They are leveraging these highly skilled experts to fortify their own service offerings to their clients.

In my next blog, I will share some of my favorite YouEconomy options.


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